This is Why I do What I do

this is why i became a virtual assistant

This blog is not being written for SEO or page rankings because, well, the simple fact is there won’t be a key word in here that people will want to search Google for! That is unless someone Googles “why did Belinda Owen start her business?” Jokes aside, sometimes you just need to write a blog to share a bit of yourself. In a virtual world it is hard to really know people. And while I am not an advocate of sharing every little detail (sorry folks), I do think there is an element that is relevant to my business and journey.

So how did I end up on this path?

Back in the days pre-child, I was a senior property manager for a large corporation. I managed around 250 properties (sometimes more) around Melbourne and surrounds and I was top of my game. I was the person people came to for advice, help or just to vent about a bad tenant (it happens!). I loved my job and it came with perks including a new company car every 2 years and a phone. When I fell pregnant with my son, I always thought I would return after my maternity leave ended. We needed the second income and it was a no brainer (I’m pretty sure I even left some items in my desk!).

Anyway, my maternity leave came and went and so did my return to work. I was now a stay at home Mum with a baby boutique business that I had newly set up to help with the income side of things. So, I guess you could say I was a work at home Mum, but I never really felt like one. I actually just felt like a hot mess minus the hot. My baby boutique business was starting to grow and I could see the fruits starting to blossom, but it wasn’t quick enough for us. I needed another option.

Cue the VA!

I saw a few people talking about Virtual Assistants (VA’s) and how you can offer your services to other business owners at an hourly rate. I decided to offer social media management and blog writing as I was already doing this in my own business. I posted in a couple of business groups expressing my interest and I was lucky enough to be hired as a VA within a week of placing my post. That role grew and I decided this was the path I needed, and wanted, to take. Unable to commit to two growing businesses, I had to sell my baby boutique to focus on my new venture.

Fast forward to present day and I have further niched myself into website design, website management, blog writing and general content / copy writing. These are the things I enjoy. I can unleash my inner creative child whilst helping other business owners battle the aspects of their business that haunt them the most. Win, win.

My why though, isn’t because I love my work. I do enjoy it and I am here at my desk every single day. But I am here working because of my little man. I wouldn’t be here typing this if he wasn’t here. I would still be in my corporate job working away unbeknownst to the world of Facebook, online business and blogs. It’s true… I use to go on Facebook about twice a year before I started my business! Imagine that! My account was created one wine-filled night at my friends house for fun and giggles, but I had no idea how to use it or why I would even want to!

I do not have dreams of taking over the world or becoming an entrepreneur or mumpreneur or any type of preneur. I am simply a business owner who is looking to make a living for her family doing what I enjoy. The added bonus is I get to travel on other business owners journeys as well. I love seeing my clients businesses grow and share ideas with them and know that my 5% of advice goes a long way.

If you asked me 4 years ago if I would be in web design or any online business world, I honestly would have laughed at you. It is not what I thought I would be doing. I didn’t even think it would be something I could do. But that is the beauty of life, we never really know where a path will take us and you  never know what you can do unless you give it a go.

“That is the beauty of life, we never really know where a path will take us and you  never know what you can do unless you give it a go.”

So there you have it. I do this for my son and family first, and because I enjoy the variety that comes with each and every business. I don’t do this to be the best or take over the world. I guess that is the brut honesty right there. But what you do know is as long as my reasons are still there, I will put in 110% because my son depends on it. I work to give him a good education, a Mum who is here for him and a comfortable life, but not a million dollar life.

Ps: It’s his birthday today… 4 years old, seriously where does the time go! So I may be a little MIA as we take some down time to do whatever he wants today. Something tells me we will all be playing Peter Rabbit figurines! 😉



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