Website Designer Tips
Are you looking for a website designer?
Hiring a web designer is daunting, there's so much to know and even bad stories. Yikes!
So, how do you know you're working with the right one for you and your business?
Simples. You ask them!
If you'd like to know the important questions to ask a web designer before you engage them, this checklist is for you.
It contains simple must-ask questions with tips on what to look for in the answer, plus room to write your own notes.
Finding a good web design is hard
Let's be honest, as a business owner, your website is one of your most important assets. So finding someone you can trust with your baby is daunting. There's lot's of bad stories out there and they make me shed a little tear each time I hear them.
This checklist will help you select the best web designer for your business needs. It will give you questions to ask that will help guide your decision making process. There's no tricks, just simple questions to ask one or ten designers with a notes area to jot down your findings.
Because your business depends on it. 
Meet Belinda, WordPress Website Designer
Hi, I'm Belinda and I'm a WordPress Website Designer based in Brisbane - although I have clients all over Australia.
I love working with business start-ups and businesses in the growth phase looking to establish or boost their online presence. I specialise in building websites that are user friendly for both you and your client, focusing on conversions, design and showcasing your business and branding in the best light.
My motto is "taking the scary out of WordPress" - because owning a website should be an asset, not a hinderance. 
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