Terms and conditions and privacy policies are the parts of a website that often get forgotten about. It’s not pretty and certainly doesn’t make for very exciting reading. But having a privacy policy, website disclaimer and terms and conditions on your website is something you might need to add to your to-do list if you haven’t already got them.

Why, you might ask?

Simply put, if people are visiting your site for information, buying products or you are collecting any form of personal details from them, then you will need one or all of the aforementioned. This is to protect both you and your customer.

Privacy Policies

Every Australian website should have a privacy policy if you collect any form of personal information. Basically, if you have a contact form on your website, then you will need a privacy policy. You need to declare to your users how you will use and protect their details. This is also a way of declaring to your customers that you won’t spam them. No one likes a spammer!

Website Terms & Conditions

If your website sells online, gives advice or information or sells from 3rd party platforms (e.g. affiliate links) then you need a T&C’s page. Basically, this states the terms under which you do business. It might include refund policies, package inclusions, shipping information or simply a disclaimer explaining how your website is used or how you generate income. This page is also a great way to cover yourself should a customer become demanding. A T&C’s page covers your business processes, practices and conditions when dealing with your business. The latest Australian Consumer Law requires this.

Website Disclaimer

This is a great little page that limits your liability to information you publish and protect your copyright. You might have something in here declaring all images are the copyright of you and are not to be used in any other form or reproduced. You may also use this to declare that information is to be used as a guide and to seek medical assistance if you are a provider of health advice. A website disclaimer page basically protects you and your information from law suits should someone misuse your site. It is also a place you would declare the use of any affiliate links. My disclaimers are included in my T&C’s page.

In short, the best way to be sure your website is in line with Australian consumer standards, is to have these pages on your website to cover you and your customer.

If you’re looking for a quick, easy and legal way to tick these off your to-do list in 5 minutes, I can recommend Legal123’s Website Legal Package which has all three disclaimers ready to go. Simply add your business details and you’re set. If you are unsure how to put the disclaimers onto your website, please feel free to contact me and I’ll set them up for you. This service $49.95 if you have your documents already or I can purchase the documents on your behalf and include this price on your invoice.  

*** Disclaimer: This blog contains affiliate links to Legal123. I have used this service and recommend their documents for the purposes outlined.