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Website Redesign / Refresh

Let's Get Refreshed

Do you have a website that simply isn't working for you anymore?

Or worse, are you just too embarrassed to even show it off to anyone?

Like most things, website designs can date over time. Fashion comes in and out and all of a sudden, your website can look like it's from 2001!

Website technology has also come along in leaps and bounds over the last few years. An old website could be missing out on key features that will be putting you behind the eight ball. They could even be affecting your conversions, customer experience and Google rankings!

Themes become old, plugins can be abandoned by their developers and your site could be working against your business and not for it.

A website redesign is basically a refresh of your brand and website. It's a new lease of life that will put it back into modern day with a revitalised ability to convert your potential customers into real ones. Warning: you may even fall in love with your website again!

What's involved?

A website redesign can be done one of two ways.

Keep your existing theme and website structure.

We can use your existing theme and website structure and give it a design overhaul so it looks and feels like it's back in the 21st century with extra features, added security and all the must-haves of a modern site. This is usually done on your existing site and is the easiest of the two. With this option, we will use your existing theme and update the design, flow, images and content where necessary. Other additions can be incorporated including: newsletter sign up options, booking forms, better navigation and more.

Redo your website on a new theme

We can redesign your site using a new theme (my preference is Divi for it's ability to be able to create almost any design!) which will give it a complete new style like it's been rebuilt from scratch. In fact, it pretty much is. We keep all your existing content, blogs and plugins, but install a fresh WordPress version (to clean any little bugs up) and we do this "off-site". By off-site, I mean on a subdomain or staging site so your current website remains up and running the whole time. No down time.

Website Redesign - Existing Theme

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To redesign your website using the existing theme and structure and give it a refresh start from $749 for up to 3 key pages.

This also includes plugin clean up, website security check and site updates.

Additional pages can be added: $200 per page.

In most cases, only key pages need to be redesigned - Home, Services, About, Contact, Gallery, Testimonials etc. The average service-based website has 5 - 10 pages in their main navigation menu.

*Please note: I will need to look at your site structure and theme to ensure it fits into this service. Some themes are not easily customised and free themes are definitely not recommended. Sites with old themes or free themes will fall into the full rebuild service.

Website Redesign - New Theme

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A full website rebuild starts from $2250 for a website with up to 6 pages. Factors including how old your site is, how many plugins it has active and the overall structure could change this price. Please contact me for a quote so we can make sure you're getting the exact service your website needs.

Additional pages can be added: $240 per page.

In most cases, websites will be placed on my preferred Divi theme as it is highly customisable and very user friendly for non-techy website owners.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my website be down during a redesign?

It depends on how much needs to be done and whether we change the theme or not.

In most cases, your website can be redesigned on a sub domain (not your live domain) so your existing site will still be up and running.

If you're in the position where your site can be offline for a little while, then we can place a 'Coming Soon' over the site while we make the changes.

Why is a redesign more expensive than a new build?

It may seem that because the site content and structure is already there, that it's less work than creating a website from scratch. In actual fact, there are a lot of moving parts that need to be factored in with a site that's already had traffic and rankings.

With a website redesign or rebuild, we need to keep all your existing structure, SEO and functionality in tact. Therefore there is more work to ensure all these things remain working.

With a new website, there isn't usually any existing SEO structure to keep and generally the site has fewer pages and plugins. A new build website is actually a lot easier to do than redesign or rebuild a website that has been active for a long period of time.

Think of it like moving into a new house. When your rooms are empty, it's easy to put your furniture in and place it where you want it. You can add your decorations and nick knacks onto clean surfaces. If you want to redesign that room in 4 years time, there will be a lot more furniture items, nick knacks and collectables in there to move out and around.

Will I lose SEO rankings?

In most cases your website structure will remain the same. Pages won't be deleted or renamed because this can upset URL structure and SEO.

Where URLs or pages do need to be renamed, or in the case of a domain change, then 301 redirects will be placed on the old URLs to ensure they are not lost or flag as a broken link in an SEO audit.

My website is rubbish and I think I should start again, should I?

In most cases I would say no, but it really depends on your existing website and how outdated it is.

If your website is on another platform, then yes, it will be classed as a new build as it's being newly built on WordPress. This would then mean you would be looking at my website design packages as your site is technically a new build for WordPress.