5 FREE Ways To Promote Your Online Business

free ways to promote your online business with digitalmarketing by belinda owen

Starting a new business adventure or growing your existing business is hard work. There is so much you need to do and most of the time it costs money, time or both. I know from experience, as a work at home Mum, time and money are two things I do not have a lot of. So I had to think outside the box and come up with ways to promote and grow my business on little to no budget.Continue Reading →

I’m on Facebook and Etsy, Do I Really Need a Website?

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You’ve started your own business with a Facebook page, Instagram page or Etsy store and you’ve got a steady flow of sales and customers coming in. Everything is going well and then you ask yourself “do I really need a website?

The most common fears of having your own website is management costs, maintenance and then of course the build itself.Continue Reading →