Before I even start, I know what you’re thinking. Every coach and business person you speak to says “don’t get lost in the shiny object syndrome”.

And I totally agree! Heck, I’m sure my business coach nearly had a coronary behind her Facebook Messenger account when I showed her my brand refresh – but hear me out.


First things first though… What is Shiny Object Syndrome?


If you don’t know what Shiny Object Syndrome is, simply put, it’s where you jump from one idea to the next (or one shiny new object to the next) without finishing the task or goal before. Like a child who wants something new every day, you’re drawn to new ideas without completing the ones you’ve already got.

In business, this might be a new course without finishing the 14 others you’ve already signed up for. Or it might be that you jump from one goal to the next or one idea to the next and all you achieve is a longer to do list.

I am guilty of this.

I’m sure we all are at some point. Just like the new shade of lipstick or new iPhone release, we all want the newest and prettiest!

There can be a lot of causes as to why you might suffer this syndrome.

  • Procrastination – it’s easier to start something new and fun than finish the thing you’ve got that might have gotten that little bit harder than you thought
  • Not knowing your end goal
  • Wanting to keep up with the Jones’s (or Kardashians if you’re that way inclined)
  • Thinking the next idea will be better than the last
  • Pure boredom
  • Lack of direction


BUT… What if this could be turned into a good thing?


As someone who is a serial shiny object sufferer, having the year I have had has made it harder to avoid the shiny objects. It’s like a chocolate hit or glass of wine, you feel good for the short time that the hit is there.

Without wanting to attach an excuse to this, I feel an explanation is needed in order to get to my point.

I have suffered a somewhat traumatic and emotionally draining year. It caused me to spiral into a depressive state and I didn’t know where to turn. Working as a sole trader, there is no one to help with the slack. All my family and friends are in Melbourne, so there is no close support. And, to be fair, they’ve had enough on their plate without hearing about my problems. It’s just me, my husband and my son. I think I’ve done a fairly good job at hiding it and soldiering on where I could – but my business has suffered behind the scenes.

A lot of things have suffered.

After hitting somewhere way past rock bottom, I decided I need to pick myself up, because no one else would… or could.

What I needed though, was the motivation to get there. To get back to a place where I could see at least a speck of light at the end of the long, dark tunnel.


So, how did the Shiny Object Syndrome help me?


I have a new business that has been sitting stagnant for 12 months. Yep, it’s out there now. I feel like a failure if I’m being completely honest. It’s called Navigating WordPress. It will be the sister business to and will be a place for DIYers, VA’s and other business owners to enhance their WordPress knowledge through courses and training.

It’s still in the same place it was 12 months ago.

As someone who LOVES design and pretty colours (yes, shiny objects come my way) I decided to rebrand both businesses. Because when I do decide to do something, it isn’t by halves.

I engaged a beautiful friend of mine to help with a new logo and branding for both Navigating WordPress and Belinda Owen Web Designs. (Sneak peak at the end of this blog)


I know what you’re thinking, how is this any different?


What has happened is I am now feeling rejuvenated again, but not in the sugar hit kind of way. I feel like my business, both businesses, have a purpose and a true goal on where they need to go.

I feel clearer in my head about what they need to be in order to be successful and fill that happy place void in me again.

If nothing else comes from my low times, it’s that I realise who I want to work with. What I want to bring to the business world and how I’m going to achieve that.

And it all came from a rebrand and from the help of a few select, special people.

They may not know how they’ve helped me, but they have.


So when does Shiny Object Syndrome work?


Shiny Object Syndrome can work if you use it to your advantage. Keep with it and let it fill you up so much that you WANT to see it through to the end.

Be passionate.

Most of the time we move to the next thing because we aren’t being inspired.

Be Inspired.

Use your weakness and turn it into an advantage. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to improve yourself, your business or your life through a “new shiny thing”. But make sure you use it to it’s full potential. Let it work for you and not against you.

Shiny objects can bring procrastination, distraction and a feeling of overwhelm. But they can also bring inspiration, passion and growth if you use them to their full capacity and see them through.

Be selective with which shiny object you choose next. Walk away from it for a little while and decide if you really need it, or just want it.

I’ve been stewing over a rebrand for a while and finally bit the bullet. It’s a long road with new website, logo and service offerings. But I can see it’s given me a drive to pick it all up and run with it.


Oh, and the sneak peak I promised you….

shiny object syndrome can be a positive