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Come and join me and other business owners just like you in the WordPress Cafe. It’s a FREE WordPress Support and Help Facebook Group where you can ask your WordPress questions – without the fear of being judged or ridiculed by smarty pants developers. There’s no dumb question in this cafe, just support from like-minded business owners.

The Resource Cafe isn’t like your typical cafe. Sadly, there’s no coffee or cake available for purchase, but there’s plenty of resources to consume while having that all important coffee break.

The Resource Cafe is here to help you with your WordPress website and your business. Here you will find blogs that cover various tips, tricks and how-to’s on websites as well as business thoughts, advice and reflections. You’ll also find links to various business tools and platforms I use and recommend to help with making business life that bit easier.

And of course, it’s relaxed enough to consume with your coffee and cake in your morning tea break. 😉

(Note: Affiliate links appear on this page. If you click on one of my links and make a purchase, I might receive a small commission to fuel my weekly coffee intake)


7 Must have plugins for your wordpress websites by belinda owen

7 Must Have WordPress Plugins

Building a WordPress website might seem daunting, but with a bit of guidance and know how, you can build yourself a WOW! website that both your visitors and Google will love. One of the aspects that I find confuses people the most about WordPress is the plugins. Which ones are best? Which ones do I really need? I’ve broken them down into my top 7 plugins that go onto almost every website. They are all FREE and so is my checklist!

7 Must have plugins for your wordpress websites by belinda owen

Optimising Your Site For SEO Checklist

Is your website geared for SEO? While SEO is a long tunnel and quite complex, there’s a few quick wins you can do to your website that will help tame the SEO beast. This checklist will get you started on the simpler things you can do to help improve your website SEO.


assistance with google workspace and tech set up


Korryn can assist with Google Workspace set up, configuration issues and navigate all the confusing techie stuff. She’s saved my sanity on more than one occasion when Google has tried to beat me. Get Korryn’s help.

assistance with google workspace and tech set up


Katharine is the go-to person for all things Facebook. She helped a client of mine with a Facbook catalogue issue and can also get your hacked social media account back! That’s gold. Get Katharine’s help.

assistance with google workspace and tech set up


Ruth is an amazing designer and branding creative who will go all out to deliver you a brand you could only dream of. Ruth is a friend and all rond awesome person to have in your business corner. Check out Ruth’s work here.


I love using Google products for my business. My business email is through Google Workspace and I use Drive for storing all my business assets as well as document sharing with clients. Having a one stop shop for your storage, emails and more makes you more organised and it’s a small price to pay to look more professional. Sign up for as little as $10 a month. This is my recommendation for business email addresses. 

Ad - Web Hosting from SiteGround - Crafted for easy site management. Click to learn more.

SiteGround Web Hosting

I love SiteGround for website hosting. Their platform is the easiest one I’ve used and very user friendly – even for non techy people. I recommend them for my clients because their customer service is good and the portal has enough resources that most people can navigate it enough to do the basic things. They have Australian based servers (which is important) and my websites are hosted with them.

7 Must have plugins for your wordpress websites by belinda owen


MailerLite is a very user friendly email marketing platform that integrates easily with WordPress and other website platforms. It has a drag and drop editor which makes it easy to create beautiful emails in minutes. I use MailerLite for my Navigating WordPress clients and find it to be a good platform option. 

7 Must have plugins for your wordpress websites by belinda owen

Legal Documents For Business

Having your legal ducks in a row is essential for business owners. Lawpath is an Australian online legal firm that can provide a central point for your business legals as well as helping business start ups with registrations and other services. You can try them out for free and then upgrade if they’re a good fit, or just all in and join up and get access to over 400 legal documents and cover your butt with properly set up website legals from the start.

7 Must have plugins for your wordpress websites by belinda owen

Dubsado - Client Management Platform

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I use Dubsado for my client management to keep track of contracts, questionnaires and client emails. It’s a great platform that integrates nicely with my accounting software QuickBooks and my Gmail. My contact form is linked to this so all enquiries go through my Dubsado funnel including automatic email replies for quicker conrrespondence between me and potential clients.

protect your website with legal123 website legal business package

Website Legal Package - Legal123

Website privacy policies, T&Cs and disclaimers should be on your website. It’s actually law in Australia to have a privacy policy if you collect personal details on your website – which is 90% of most websites. I know all to well that most small businesses don’t have the collateral up front to spend thousands of dollars on legals, so this is the next best thing. These documents have been put together by Australian lawyers for Australian law. Of course having these documents drawn up for your business professionally is the perfect world, these will hold you in good stead until you’re in the position to invest more. Use this link to access the online business package.

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