Three game-changers you are missing on your website

re-target customers with your website

I say it on my own website and I say it to clients, your website is your shop window. The virtual world doesn’t allow for passers by to stop by your store, wander in and see what you have. You have to get your site out there, entice them in and then hope they stay for longer than the 8 second average visit.

Think of your website as being located in the biggest shopping centre in the world. One of millions of stores vying for customers. How do you get those customers to even find you in the maze let alone actually walk in?

This is the online world. A world wide web of stores that all have something to offer. Being more competitive than ever means your store needs to stand out. You need to find a way to retain and re-target customers with your website once they find you. Effectively using your website so it works for you and not against you.

Three game changes a lot of people are missing on their websites are hindering their ability to retain and re-target customers after they have virtually walked away.

Newsletter Opt-in or Sign Up

This is so simple and one of the most effective ways you can re-target visitors who come to your website. By a visitor entering their email address, you will have access to re-target sales, specials or content to them that will have them returning. The bonus with this method is your mailing lists are warm customers, meaning they are already interested in your products or services. So the initial hard sell becomes redundant, making them more likely to turn into paying customers.

The key is to have an offer or incentive to have them join in the first place. A freebie or hints and tips relevant to your business is a good way. If you are a product based business, a discount or $$ off their first purchase works well. I find a discount off your next purchase doesn’t work so well because people are never usually thinking that far ahead. People tend to live in the moment, so you need to appeal to the now.

With your newsletter opt-in, most choose to have a pop up that appears when a visitor lands on your website. This is great for gaining attention, but Google isn’t liking it so much. I find an opt-in in your header or footer works just as well. It is visible as soon as people land on the page, but it isn’t intrusive either.

Facebook Pixel

If you are running, or planning to run, Facebook ads then you need to add your Facebook pixel into your website. Inserting your Facebook pixel tracking code into your website allows you to re-target visitors to your site. Ever notice how you always see ads in your news feed within days of visiting a website? This is target marketing at work.

Inserting the Facebook pixel into your website can be done one of two ways. You can install a plugin like Pixel Your Site which is free to install on WordPress or you can simply add the tracking script to your header or footer in your website. The benefit of a plugin is you will get more features and reporting stats, but Facebook Ads Manager also has these features.

Good Navigation

As I said earlier, your website is your shop and you need to make it easy to get around. Just as when you walk into Kmart you see signs overhead pointing to different departments, you need signs on your website. Your navigation menus are your overhead signs. If your menu isn’t easy to navigate or read, then people will leave quick smart.

Your secondary navigation is your website itself. Internal links and pathways will help navigate your visitor to where they need to go and where you want them to go. Point them to the sale section or your featured blog from your home page. Again, this is your shop window and you need to entice people in. Once they are in you need to create a path for them to follow. Just like you follow paths in a department store.

If you consider these 3 key points in your website design, you website will have a good base in which to grow.

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