Website Infection & Malware Removal


Hacked website?

This service will provide a website clean, check and infection removal all within 24 hours.


Has your website been hacked? Is it doing funky things and you think it may have been compromised?

Or worse, is it completely down and you have no idea how to get it back up again?

A website that’s been infected or hacked is scary, invasive and down right rude. The hacker disappears into the sunset, leaving you to pick up the pieces. And quite often costing you money and business.

Unfortunately, like a house being robbed, websites can be vulnerable and there’s people who having nothing better to do than ruin your day by taking down your site.

Thankfully, it’s not all lost. You can get it back again and make it more secure so hackers have to try a lot harder next time to get in – and most likely, they won’t!

This service will:

  • Clean your website – ensure it’s free from unwanted code and nasties
  • Infection removal – remove the infection in your site so it runs how it should
  • Full site check – make sure there’s nothing hiding in the weeds
  • Remove any blacklists placed on your site – URLs can be blacklisted, making you blocked on search engines which we definitely don’t want
  • Add security enhancements to tighten it up – make sure it’s even harder or near on impossible to get back in!

This is a 12-24 hour turn around service once the job is logged – because I understand what a down site can mean for your business.


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