One-on-one Online WordPress Training


My 1:1 online WordPress training is conducted on your website, so you will learn exactly where everything is and how to update it. And, the best part, it’s recorded so you can watch it over and over after the session is finished!


Having your website designed for you is bliss. All the rewards with none of the late nights!

But what about after hand over? How do you navigate your new website or add in a new product?

My 1:1 WordPress training will give you back control over your website. No more thinking it’s a white elephant that you’ll never tame, you can have your cake and change your phone number without hassle.

As the training is conducted on your website, you will learn exactly where everything is and how to update it.

So often, training is generic and it doesn’t quite cover the things you want to know or need to know. This training is different. It’s personalised to your website so you will get to know exactly what you are doing right, what can be improved and how to navigate your site – because not all sites are built the same.

Think of this training as coaching for your website.

Some of the areas we will cover:

  • Where to find blogs and how to post
  • How to make edits to your content
  • How to upload a new image
  • How to add a new product
  • Where to find plugins and how to update them
  • Anything you’d like to cover that fits in the allocated time – pick my brain!

The session will go for 1 hour and will be recorded and sent to you. So the best bit, you can watch it back anytime! It’s just like your own personalised how-to-guide!

NOTE: This training is conducted online via Zoom, so you don’t even have to get dressed!

What if you didn’t build my site?

That’s ok, this session is open to anyone with a WordPress site running on a theme with plugins.


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