I’m going to post this blog and people are going to read it and it’s going to go viral.

I’ve kicked it into touch.

Smacked the ball out of the park.

Hit the nail on the head with this one.

It’s a total winner!

Oh goodness… I can’t post it.

Presses save draft and walks away.

How many of you have had this fear over posting a blog?

Are you feeling it now with 20 blogs sitting in draft mode just waiting to be published?

You sit down and write a kick ass blog post that is on point, full of your opinion and you’ve completely rocked it. Only to get cold feet and the post never sees the light of day.

I remember writing my first blog post.

I was petrified at the thought of sending it out into the big world wide web at the fear of what would happen. Is my topic relevant? Will people read it? Will people judge me for my opinion?

I had read so many great blog posts that I thought, how could I compete.

I finally got the courage up to post my first blog and you know what happened?


The sun still got up the next morning. My business was still going and my blog post was being read by my audience with encouraging comments on the post. Happy days.

Blog Fear Busted.

The fear over posting a blog comes because we have to open ourselves up to people we’ve never met. In every blog post there is an element of your personality that comes through. Even a simple how to blog leaves you open because you are giving people your opinion whether you realise it or not. You’re telling them how to do something hoping they don’t know how to do it better!

We become vulnerable because we can’t control how people will receive our post or their reaction. We worry about what people will think of us and whether they will still like us. The worry over what other people think or how they will react is crippling.

But, you know what. There will always be that person who can do it better. Or think they can. There will always be the judgers because social media has allowed that. There will always be someone who comments on your post with “their opinion” trying to catch you out. And that’s ok because it means your blog is working. It is drawing people out, it is creating conversation and defining your audience. You’re getting traffic.

Your opinion and your blog topics will build your audience because like-minded people will be drawn to you. The haters are not your audience, so don’t worry about them. Sure, it hurts when bullies feel they can throw their weight around, but in the end, you’re the one winning. You’re the one who has the courage to post your blog and your thoughts.

Don’t Be Afraid.

People just want to read what you have to say. Some of the best blogs I have read are the ones that come from the heart. They aren’t perfectly written, but they are true. Trust me, you will find the more you write the better you will be and more confidence you will have. People are actually more drawn to those who post from the heart and you will surprisingly find very little resistance and a lot of support.

Don’t be afraid to press the publish button on that blog. Read it and if you’re happy with it, then go for it.

Still a little daunted by blogs or just don’t have the time to write them?