Next Workshop Commencing SEP 2021
Learn how to build, design and manage your own WordPress website
in just 5 days with me!
So, What's This Workshop You Speak of?
Simply put, my DIY WordPress Website Workshop is all about getting you a live website up and running FAST. I know times are tough, funds are tight and stress levels are off the charts. But I also know now is THE time to have a website presence. With everyone forced to stay home, there are more people than ever searching for products and services online.
Hello!! I'm Belinda - Your host!
Is This Workshop For Me?
This 5-day action packed workshop is perfect if you've been umming and ahhing about a website but one or many things have been causing you to put it off.
  • You don't have a website at all, but know you need one... like yesterday!
  • You have a website but you hate it!
  • You're in the early stages of attempting to build yourself a website but failing miserably
  • You're a VA or service provider who wants to learn WordPress so you can up your service delivery game
  • Your with Wix or and want to expand your website potential.


What Will I Get Out Of It?


To put it simply:


  • You will get a fully branded, professional looking website that will showcase your business in the best light possible
  • You will have full control of your website, no being locked into developers or held hostage by designers.
  • You will know exactly how your website works because you built it!
  • You can control edits, updates and design changes with confidence because you know the ins and outs of your website
  • And you will get full support and guidance from me for the duration of the workshop and ongoing support for 3 weeks after.




Tell me, is this you too?


When I was first starting out in business, my budget was small but my wish list was big. I had all these things I needed to do, but the know-how was lacking as was the time and money.

So, to cut costs I decided to go it alone. I spent more hours than I care to think about on Google and watching YouTube videos trying to get my business off the ground. I signed up to a website platform that I thought looked easy. It was a fully managed platform where I built my site on a template - their template.


Job done? Not even close!


As it turns out, I had none of the key features that make a website a fully converting, customer happy website. And I was spending upwards of $600 a year to boot just for a website! As a small business, that was a big chunk out of my teeny marketing budget.


Fortunately, I was introduced to WordPress while working as a VA and it's the best thing that has happened in my self-employed career. I spent a lot of hours learning WordPress design, tech and how to successfully build, design and manage a website. Again, it took me a lot of hours Googling, watching videos and reading WordPress groups. But this time it paid off!

But the real bonus in building my new WordPress site myself wasn't the cost saving (my 2 websites now only cost me $200 a year!) - it was learning how to build, design and manage my own website. I learnt so much through my own self taught online journey that I ended up career changing into web design! Now I have a business solely based on sharing my knowledge to you and designing super fun, easy to navigate websites.
Now, you might not want to get into website design (or maybe you do!), but if you're sitting there with a Wix site, bad WordPress site or worse, no site at all, then this workshop is for you.


Hi, this is me :)



If you want to get your new website up and running or start making $$ from WordPress in your own business, secure your spot now!


What This Workshop Will Look like - The Details


This workshop will be run over 5 days and will incorporate a group Zoom session of between 1-2 hours where I will show you on a live site how to do the necessary steps to get your website up and running. You will then have the opportunity to put what we've discussed into action. The video sessions will also be recorded in case you can't make the live session 🙌


The key points in case you skimmed:

  • There will be live zoom sessions week 1 - but don't worry, they'll be recorded if you can't make it.
  • There will be a secret Facebook Group just for workshop members to have exclusive access to me for all your questions
  • I will provide a 1:1 session with you to go over your site and answer all your questions
  • This is a not a fend for yourself course, this is a hold your hand workshop.


This workshop will run on Monday 6 September - Friday 10 September 2021 - with 3 weeks ongoing support while you get your website up and running.


The workshop will be capped at 6 people to make sure I can give dedicated time to all. So you best get in quick if you want to fix your website woes now!


If you want to get your new website up and running and hit 2022 with a bang, secure your spot now!


But what will it cost?


Most people put this down the bottom of the page and make you scroll, but I want to be open from the get-go. (I don't know about you, but I personally hate having to scroll for days to see if the offer is in my ball park).

So here it is...


This is probably the most surprising part of all.

A fully designed WordPress website can be priced anywhere from $1000 for a basic website up to $20,000 and beyond depending on the complexity.

Now, I'm not saying those investments aren't worth it, they totally are! 

But sometimes our budgets don't stretch quite that far, especially when we're just starting out in business.


So, I'm here to help you get online with your very own website for the fractional cost of (insert drumroll here)



Investment: $697 AUD Don't pay $2224


Don't pay:

A "done-for-you" WordPress website by yours truly: $1697 (minimum!)
Divi Theme Licence (Lifetime): $330 (You get this free!)

Me helping you when you need it most for 4 whole weeks: Priceless!


Think about what you will save in the long run and how you will have actual control of your website.




If you want to know all the ins and outs of this workshop and really why you should do this, then keep scrolling as I explain it all including FAQ's. If you still have questions, please don't hesitate to email me at



If you think this workshop is the answer to your prayers but you can't commit this time, or you're still deciding, pop your details below and I'll let you know when the next one is coming up. If you need more info, read on as it's fully explained below. :)



What Will You Help Me With?


I'm going to help you get online fast with a website that you'll not only be proud to show off, but grows your business! I'll be there showing you STEP-BY-STEP how to not only build your website, but design it like a pro! I'll be there to hold your hand and guide you through the process over 5 days.


  • Firstly, you will have access to my developer DIVI theme files and developer LIFETIME licence (this is $249USD value straight up!)
  • Setting up WordPress on your hosting account including correct password and username procedures - I'll even help you set it up!
  • The settings within WordPress to ensure things like your URLs are correct and homepages are set.
  • How to create pages, menus, footers, headers for a solid base to your website
  • Key plugins you need including security, SEO, speed and more
  • Working with the DIVI page builder and templates so you can get a kick-ass website up super fast - don't stress, Divi builder is drag and drop, so it's super easy once you know how!
  • Designing your key pages including styling tips, tricks and advice.
  • I'll be there to answer your questions so you'll have a website designer at your fingertips for 5 whole days!
  • We'll even cover the basics of SEO so your website will be on it's way to being indexed from day 1.
  • I'll even let you in on some design mistakes that can be made in DIY websites and how to avoid them.


What Do I Need To Do?


You will need to have a few things ready if you want to get the most out of this course. If you already have a business logo and branding then you're well on your way. This makes it SO MUCH EASIER to design a website when you have a branding palette already done. If you don't, that's ok. You can still complete this workshop, but it would be good if you had your own branding board of colour palette ready so you have something to work with. I find Pinterest is a good place to create mood boards or inspiration boards.


Here's a quick list of what you'll need:


  • Logo or business branding. If you don't have this, that's ok, but have an idea of colours you want to use. The simpler the better if you're undecided.
  • Website hosting and domain. I can help you get this before the workshop starts if you don't already have it sorted. But if you do, then awesome! (Note: this is an extra cost and usually sets you back around $100 a year)
  • Written content. Ideally, you'll need some written copy to go into your website. If you don't have anything written up yet, then you can write it as your designing your site, but it's best to have an idea what you want/need to say though.



What Will I Get At The End?


A designer website that is geared to convert, draw leads and showcase your business in the way it deserves!

Your website will be in your business branding and will have your touches and personality because... YOU DESIGNED IT!


Disclaimer: While your website will have the basic elements needed to convert more sales, simply having a web presence won't guarantee a sales boom or $10k months! Your website will be the building block to growing your business and converting leads into sales. Elements such as good copy, content and SEO also factor into a good website - which we'll touch on also.


Still got some doubts?


Let's go through a few statements I see all the time. Heck, I'm guilty of most of these as well.

I'm Sure I can Do This On My Own...


Yes, I'm absolutely sure you can too! I did! But the thing with that is, it will take a lot of your valuable time. It took me over a year to fully grasp the power of WordPress and then another 3 years learning the ins and outs and making a whole lot of mistakes! You should see my first few sites... actually... don't! 😱


Can't I Find All This In  A Blog Or YouTube Site?


Again, yes you absolutely can and truth be told, I've probably visited most of those sites! But that's the thing, as I mentioned above, it all takes a lot of time and you sit there reading or watching to then have to go and put it into practice - all by yourself. The overwhelm with reading a 5 page blog or watching a YouTube video is real and the frustration of not having anyone to clarify something with can put your project on the backburner real fast!


I've Seen So Many Of These Courses, Why Yours?


Yep, so have I. And to be honest, I was almost wondering whether I go ahead and do it. But then I looked deeper into them and, whilst they promised the same outcomes, they still left you fending for yourself. Sure you get all the videos and guides, but you still have to put it into practice - alone. I don't want you to feel alone in your journey because I know WordPress can be a scary place. I'll be giving you the personalised, real person support that the other courses lack.  


I'm Not Techy, I Don't Think WordPress Is For Me


You honestly don't need to be techy to design a beautiful WP website. I'll be there to help you through any of the "techy" parts so you don't have to feel like you're going it alone. I'll show you things like how to optimise an image so it doesn't slow your site down and how to jazz up said image once it's on your page. I'll also help you avoid some of the design mistakes that so many DIYers make in the early days. 🧐


I've Done DIY Before And Failed.


I hear you. We've all been there, done that and bought the t-shirt. DIY always sounds so easy but then the motivation drops off because we get stuck or have no one to ask that pesky question to. That's why I'm here to help keep you on track and be there for those questions that you might think are "dumb". Trust me, they're not because we've all asked them at some point. If you put in the work during the 5 days, you'll have a fully functioning website at the end, ready to show your clients and potential clients. Now that's an achievement!

Why Is A Website Important?


To put it simply, a website represents your business identity. It's one of the few platforms you can brand to your business branding and have full control over. Businesses that rely solely on Facebook and Instagram are running the risk of losing their business at the drop of a server! You don't own those platforms and you don't own the content that's on them. Heck, you don't even get a say as to who sees your business and business posts!


A website gives you the chance to sell your business and show your personality to your potential clients and customers. Each visit to your site and each sale your website converts helps you grow in stature and Google rankings. Facebook and Instagram don't show you the same love. They're only as good as the money you give them.


A website also builds trust that your business isn't just an overnight thing or hobby. Anyone can create a Facebook page or social media shop, but a website shows commitment in your business. If you're willing to invest in a website, then that might be the clincher for someone to invest in you in return. Convincing people to buy from you is hard enough without putting excuses in their laps 😉 


Why I'm Doing This.


I flagged this idea in my WordPress Cafe group and was blown away by the response and how many people needed help getting online but didn't have the funds to commit to a full web design or simply wanted the know how to do it themselves.


Knowing how tough it can be for a small business to grow in today's market, I thought putting on a group workshop where I could help a small number of business owners get a leg up with a website for a fraction of the cost would be the way to go. As it's a group setting, I can offer this workshop at a hugely reduced rate to what a done for you product would cost. I know you're doing the work, but I will be there to guide you and hold your hand for the whole week so you can create a website you can be proud of.



If you think this workshop is the answer to your prayers but you can't commit this time, or you're still deciding, pop your details below and I'll let you know when the next one is coming up. The kids are back to school.. so it's now or never! 🙃

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