Whoever said one person can’t change the world never ate an under-cooked bat!

Our actions and inaction’s carve out the path of our lives. Some actions are good while some, fair to say, are not so good. Eating wildlife is probably not so good.

Jokes aside, the situation we find ourselves in is no laughing matter. Businesses are struggling, people are scared and kids are wondering why on earth they can’t play with their friends.

Welcome to the Coronavirus era.

What I’ve noticed is, most people are in one of two places.

Place 1: They’re trying to home-school a tribe of kids while running their business and trying to keep the house sanitised, deodorised and said tribe watered and fed.

Place 2: They’re walking up and down the hallway looking at the same white walls whilst eating their 13th chocolate bar by 10am because it literally feels like the day has been going for 3 weeks.

Social isolation can be torture.

Me, I’m in the first group minus the tribe of kids. Thankfully I must have subconsciously predicted this only having the one child.


In my spare time (haha) I’ve been scrolling social media and (COVID-19 experts on how to run the country posts aside) I’ve noticed something glaringly obvious.

An online presence is crucial for business sustainability in 2020.

I read in an article that live websites on Google have doubled since the Coronavirus outbreak.

What staggers me about that figure is that there were millions of businesses that weren’t online with a web presence prior to now. I’m assuming their businesses were doing ok, but wow, what a missed opportunity.

So, I want to ask you, how is your online presence looking?


Is your website in a good place?

Now is the perfect time to give your website a health check and fine tune it while you have some spare time.

It’s easy for our websites to fall into the too hard basket or be pushed down the to-do-list. But with more people than ever rocking the screen time, it’s crucial your website is ready for action.

Easy wins you can do now to improve your website:

1. Divert traffic from social media to your website with a clever freebie offer.

I’ve seen a few businesses make the most of kids being home from school by creating activities and downloadable resources for kids to do while at home. It helps keep the kids entertained and parents can get a 5 minute breather. The added bonus of this is you are attracting new customers to your website who you can retarget again through Facebook tracking pixels when life goes back to normal. Tip: make your free resources available via a email sign up so you can also engage with them via email marketing.

2. Make sure your website is easy to navigate

Now you’re having new customers visit your site, the most important thing to do is make sure it’s easy to navigate. Is your primary product or service easy to find? Is it prominent on your home page? Sure, your regular customer might know how to buy from you, but the last thing you want to do is increase your bounce rate with all your new found customers because they don’t know where to go next.

3. Is what you do or sell clear to a new customer?

When I design a new website for a client or redesign their site, I always include a small area just under the hero image for an elevator pitch or “what we do” paragraph. People make a decision on whether to stay or go from your website in about 7 seconds. That doesn’t leave much time to read a long winded story about what you do. It also doesn’t give them any incentive to keep scrolling if you don’t have a brief pitch about what you can offer them. Think about how your product or service helps your customer and draw them into your website with a 1-2 sentence pitch on why they need you and what you offer.

4. Create an online store if you don’t already have one

I’ve seen a few businesses jump at the chance to put their bricks and mortar products online. Especially now people can’t physically get to the shops. I have a new client who’s a butcher. They came to me just before the coronavirus outbreak really took hold to set them up an online store with delivery feature for their ready-made meals. At the time, they didn’t realise the impact this would have on their business, but days into the launch of their online shop they have orders for home delivery flooding their inbox. You see, lock downs and self-isolation rules have meant many can’t leave their homes. Enter the delivery service of home-made ready to cook meals = winning! They now also have the option to add other products like mince, steak and fillets to their shop so people can still get their staples during the lock downs.

5. Check your content

Is your content up to date? Are you products still available? Sometimes we forget how long ago it was when our websites were built. Websites are an evergreen product, meaning they are forever changing. Rarely is a website built and then not modified or changes in years. There is always something that needs updating, even if it just some dates in your about spiel or changing your prices. Go through your website and update your content so it’s relevant to today. Read your site from the perspective of a new visitor, is your message speaking to them clearly or is it lacklustre.

6. Freshen your images

It’s amazing how simply changing a few images on your website can give it a fresh new look. Image styles change and colours go in and out of fashion, so jumping onto one of the free image libraries to see what’s out there is a good way to breathe life back into your site. Tip when looking for images on the libraries, type in a colour that is prominent in your brand so images with that colour come up. Having images that look “on brand” can improve the overall feel of your website.

7. Check all your links are working

As we said before, you’ve got a lot of new eyes on your website, make sure your links go to the right places. This is especially important for your socials. You’d hate to lose someone because they couldn’t get to your Instagram account to follow you. Also check your email pop ups are still working and your email sign ups are ok.


Ok, I just read all that but guess what… I don’t actually have a website!

That’s all good. No judgements here. I know you simply may not have had the opportunity to get yourself a website or a the idea of owning a website might be scaring the pants off you.

I get it.

I floated the idea of a DIY Website Workshop in my facebook group this week that would guide you to build your own WordPress website. It got a great response. If this is something that interests you, please feel free to join my Facebook group – The WordPress Cafe – and comment on the post I popped in the group.

Watch this space… I’ll be setting my son up with some Bluey episodes just so I can get this up and running for you.

Got a website and want to know how to navigate it better?

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