What I Did That Made My Reach Fall Through The Floor!

boosting facebook posts

Now, I’ll admit I’m not one to blog too much about marketing. It’s not my forte so I tend to give the advice that I know and then leave it to the experts. But I wanted to share (aka vent) a tip I learnt this week from both external sources and my own experience. In fact, I heard this from 3 different sources, all in the space of 3 days! These 3 ladies, who are marketing gurus, were all sharing the same advice that I had funnily enough just done the week before.Continue Reading →

To Blog or Not to Blog? The Benefits of Blogging

benefits of blogging for your business

I remember back when I first started out in online business that, whilst I had a blog, I never really put much effort into it. My business was an eCommerce store selling baby and toddler shoes and accessories. The products being super cute started to sell themselves after a while (thankfully), but it was a tough gig!

Since I have sold that business and changed paths, I realise that I didn’t use my blog to it’s full potential. I mainly used it to promote a new product or advertise a sale. It didn’t really earn me much traction and I only updated it every few months. I lost out on building a blog platform that could generate leads and help Mums out. My best rating blog was one I wrote about a Chocolate Mud Cake recipe I made! Not overly baby related, but unexpectedly it seemed to work!Continue Reading →