Wow! I was watching an online training session today with well known motivational speakers.

Now, I want to say it was beneficial and well worth the 93 minutes that it went for, but I was left disappointed.

I was looking forward to this all week and even had it saved in my diary which I never do! My husband put me onto them as I never really have time to look for these sort of things.

The session was on how you can achieve confidence, energy and clarity in your life. How having those things will help you progress in your personal life as well as your professional life. It would be great to say I came away from it rejuvenated and inspired and energised, but the only thing I left with was “sign up now to our course.”

I wish I could say that I remember everything that was said in the first 51 minutes of the session, but unfortunately I can’t. I am writing this not 10 minutes after the session has ended and I can not remember half of what was said. Now that could be intertwined with sleep deprivation, but in all honesty, it was the way the session was delivered that has left me flat.

What I do remember is that first 51 minutes was great. I was nodding and writing messages to my husband about how relevant what they were saying was to us.

Good thing we have some of that chat saved in Skype to reflect on.

The positive that can be taken out of this session is that you can’t have a business or be happy in life without passion. But passion doesn’t just happen. You have to identify what your passion is and then overcome the fear that is holding you back from achieving it.

To overcome fear you need courage. Again courage doesn’t just happen, you have to say to yourself “bugger this, I am just going to do it”. That is courage. Once you do it, the fear disappears because it is no longer relevant.

Once you have that passion, you are energised. Your tank is energised rather than depleted. When you are energised, you are ready to face the day and ready to take on new challenges. Your outlook on life is full.

So why am I disappointed you may ask? Well, after the 51 minutes of really good, helpful content, they lead into their course. I am all for promoting your services and I am fully aware how business operates. Sell something for free and then tack on your paid product to your somewhat warmer audience. This is business 101 and your product should actually be helping those who are listening, so win win. But that is not the problem.

The problem is their sell went for 42 minutes! They started their pitch at 10:51 am and the session ended at 11:33 am.

“I just spent 42 minutes being hard sold to!”

For 42 minutes they were talking about their course. How it can help you. How it is only X amount of dollars, but for a limited time only or monthly instalments of X dollars. I actually lost count of how many times they referenced this.

What I noticed being logged into the live chat, was the reaction of people while this was happening. At first it was received well with people asking how to buy the course. But it wasn’t long after that people started with the “but wait there’s more” or “cue the sell, 3,2,1” comments. One comment that made me chuckle was “throw in ShamWow and I’m in”. While this is funny, there is also a take home point of how people don’t like to be sold to.

Within 5 mins their chat numbers dropped from 1130 to 870 and continued to free fall from that point on. So, while they may have had people sign up to the course, which I am sure is very good, they would have lost a lot of people too. People who are watching that session because they genuinely need help or are in a rut in their lives.

What I took out of the live “training” session was a hard sell.

It was marketed as a free session to learn about how you can implement these things in your life. How you can achieve success with passion and fill your tank with energy rather than being depleted. But that is not what people would have left with. If this went for an hour and their pitch was only 5 minutes at the end, then I would have felt a lot more positive. Hell, they may have even got a sale out of me!

I am sure reading the comments that this would have been the case for many others who were tuned in as well.

So, what is my “take away” from all this?

Firstly, even if something is free it isn’t actually free. There will always be a sale at the end of it. And that is totally fine because we all have to make a living, but don’t misconstrue an opportunity for a chance to run a Demtel ad. Reference your course or product and then let people make their decision to proceed when and if they are ready.

Secondly, don’t get carried away with the hysteria. Motivational people and some “entrepreneurs” tap into your weakest point and play on it. Remember to keep it real, take away from it what you need and then apply it to your life, but don’t get caught up in the business hard sell . Sure, buy the course or book if you need it by all means, because they are there to help you. But you could spend literally thousands of dollars on something you don’t really need. Take away the points that will help you, create you own motivational board and then apply it to your life. Focus on the take home points and avoid getting too wrapped up in the hysteria.