Now, I’ll admit I’m not one to blog too much about marketing. It’s not my forte so I tend to give the advice that I know and then leave it to the experts. But I wanted to share (aka vent) a tip I learnt this week from both external sources and my own experience. In fact, I heard this from 3 different sources, all in the space of 3 days! These 3 ladies, who are marketing gurus, were all sharing the same advice that I had funnily enough just done the week before.

The problem is, they weren’t saying to do it. They were all saying DON’T do it. Are you for serious! Why couldn’t I have heard this advice a week ago! I would have saved myself about 2 hours in time and effort.

So, what is this thing that I did that is now so frowned upon?

I boosted a Facebook post.


I know right. We’ve all done it and so has every business owner before us. That little “Boost” button strategically placed on every single post just screaming out for you to press it. You even get the memo’s, boost your post for $10 and reach 2000 more people. Like really. I’ve never ever had my boosted posts even get within cooey of these numbers. But I’ve read the disclosure or as I like to call it, the “get out of jail” clause at the bottom. So I know it’s all relative.

I usually don’t fall for them. I’m a bit tight when it comes to spending money on Facebook. Probably to my own detriment, but it’s something I’m working on. But this particular time I got sucked in. I was so kindly offered a $10 credit on my ads account to use on boosting posts. Again, I never usually fall for these either, but it was a Facebook one (well, at least I’m pretty sure it was!).

So, because it wasn’t my money, I did what anyone would do and took them up on their offer. It wasn’t lost on me how this lovely kind, gesture came just days after Facebook was not so favourably in the news. I guess they call it damage control!

My boosted post was for a birthday special I was running on my website management packages. So, because it was a specific thing, I selected to target my Facebook followers and small business owners fitting my target audience. Easy. I used $9.90 of my $10 credit and my ad reached more people than I had all year. Winning I thought.

So, you may be wondering why I am bagging this and why marketing gurus are telling us not to boost Facebook posts.

Well, here’s why…

It totally buggers up your post reach after that.

If you are wondering why I haven’t posted in a while, it’s most likely just because you haven’t seen them! One post went to 12 people. Are you kidding me!

Apparently, by pressing the boost button on a Facebook post, you are telling Facebook that you are willing and happy to pay for audience reach and engagement. So, they make sure that you come back. Again. And again. And again.

The other tip that confirmed my findings is boosting a post will actually do nothing for your business. Apart from your post being seen by more people, there is no physical call to action on it. So, people see it as any other random post and keep on scrolling. They are only effective for boosting post likes and comments. Not even page likes. So, you really get nothing from them.

In hindsight, I’d have been better saying thanks but not thanks to the generous “we stuffed up” offer and invested $10 of my own money into a Facebook ad or campaign. At least I could have targeted the traffic a lot better and controlled the outcome to some extent. Lessons learned and I’m glad it was their $10 and not mine.

But, the damage is done for now. My post reach is crap and you’ll all have to physically visit my page for the next few weeks to see my posts and new weekly blogs.

I hope this post saves you the grief of even worse post reach than normal and you can save up your bikkies and invest in something that will generate more leads and traffic to your business. Please share this blog around to your business friends so they don’t get sucked in like I did. And tag them because with a heading like this, I don’t think I can count on organic reach on this one!

Take Home Points:

  • Don’t boost Facebook posts
  • You can’t target your audience or marketing outcome in a boost, it is merely for engagement and post reach.
  • Invest your money in Facebook ads or other marketing options that you can better control.

Happy blogging x