What I Did That Made My Reach Fall Through The Floor!

boosting facebook posts

Now, I’ll admit I’m not one to blog too much about marketing. It’s not my forte so I tend to give the advice that I know and then leave it to the experts. But I wanted to share (aka vent) a tip I learnt this week from both external sources and my own experience. In fact, I heard this from 3 different sources, all in the space of 3 days! These 3 ladies, who are marketing gurus, were all sharing the same advice that I had funnily enough just done the week before.Continue Reading →

When Do I Need Website T&C’s, Privacy Policies and Website Disclaimers?

privacy policy, terms and conditions and website disclaimer on your website

Terms and conditions and privacy policies are the parts of a website that often get forgotten about. It’s not pretty and certainly doesn’t make for very exciting reading. But having a privacy policy, website disclaimer and terms and conditions on your website is something you might need to add to your to-do list if you haven’t already got them.Continue Reading →

Website Hosting For Beginners – Who To Choose?

website hosting providers for beginners simplified choosing a website hosting provider by Belinda Owen

High fives, you’ve decided to take the leap and build yourself a WordPress website. I’m not going to hit you with roses and lollipops, it’s going to be a learning curve. But once you master it you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

The first thing you need to do before you start is find yourself a hosting provider. In today’s blog I am going to show what to look for in a hosting provider and how to choose the best plan for you. Don’t worry, no tech speak here. This blog is all for the beginners because we all started here at one point.Continue Reading →

Is work life balance a myth when you run your own business?

Work Life Balance work at home mum struggles

The balancing act between life and running a small business is a fine line. I’ve read all the blogs about being your own boss, running your own business and working around your family and life commitments. How it’s so easy. You can work your own hours, get paid and life is great. Heck, I’ve even written a blog or fifty about it. Well the last few weeks I have been the centre of that exact subject. And to say it’s been a challenge is generous.Continue Reading →

This is Why I do What I do

this is why i became a virtual assistant

This blog is not being written for SEO or page rankings because, well, the simple fact is there won’t be a key word in here that people will want to search Google for! That is unless someone Googles “why did Belinda Owen start her business?” Jokes aside, sometimes you just need to write a blog to share a bit of yourself. In a virtual world it is hard to really know people. And while I am not an advocate of sharing every little detail (sorry folks), I do think there is an element that is relevant to my business and journey.Continue Reading →

The $64m Question – How to price yourself as a VA or freelancer?

freelance-va-rates-how to price yourself as a va

Whether you call yourself a freelancer, contractor, virtual assistant or consultant, knowing how to charge for your services can be a daunting concept. Price yourself too low and you end up working for peanuts, price yourself too high and people ask why.

It’s the one thing as a small business owner that can send you completely batty. Sleepless nights wondering if you are priced correctly and whether you are competitive in your market. Stressed to the max every time you have to quote on a job.Continue Reading →

Three game-changers you are missing on your website

re-target customers with your website

I say it on my own website and I say it to clients, your website is your shop window. The virtual world doesn’t allow for passers by to stop by your store, wander in and see what you have. You have to get your site out there, entice them in and then hope they stay for longer than the 8 second average visit.

Think of your website as being located in the biggest shopping centre in the world. One of millions of stores vying for customers. How do you get those customers to even find you in the maze let alone actually walk in?Continue Reading →

Generating an Income From a Start up Business is Impossible!

generating an income from a start up business

So often starting your own business or working from home is presented as being an easy option to make some extra money. Contribute to the family income while looking after your kids or between jobs. In reality, this is one of the hardest times to start a business. Your odds of generating an income from a start up business in the first few months are low.

In my experience, the best time to start your own business is while you are still receiving an income from another source.Continue Reading →