Affordable blog writing & blog packages

The cost of business services is rising and a lot of copywriters have a one price set up for their blog packages. This means you can either afford them or not.

As a small business owner on a budget most of the time, I know it can be hard to make ends meet whilst still being able to outsource necessary services.


So, how am I different?

I have 2 blog categories available.

The first blog category, “Budget Busters”, focuses on the most common struggle business owners face when it comes to blog writing – actually writing the blog! Many can get their thoughts down on paper but struggle with the words.

The second blog category, “Done For You”, allows business owners too busy for blog writing to hand over their blogs and focus on other aspects of their business. Blogs are researched, written and published ready to go.


Perfect option for the budget conscious, the “Budget Buster” Blogs gives you the freedom to have blog posts professionally written on your behalf for a fraction of the cost with your chosen topic & ideas.

  • Professionally written blog article on your chosen topic
  • Ghost-written so you can claim all the accolades
  • SEO optimised with a keyword or phrase relevant to your business niche
  • You provide the content brief (dot point form or paragraphs), image and I will wordsmith it
  • Each blog will be proofread prior to handing over
  • Blog will be ready for you to upload into your posts incl. sub-headings, meta description
  • 1 x revision / edit of the blog prior to final client approval

400 – 600 words: $140

600 – 1200 words: $170


The “Done For You” blog articles mean you can literally set and forget your blogs. You will have a fresh new blog uploaded into your website ready for sharing with your audience. each month, fortnight or week.

  • Professionally written blog article between 400 – 600 words
  • Ghost-written so you can claim all the accolades
  • Topic researched and written with content tailored to your niche and audience
  • SEO optimised with a keyword or phrase relevant to your business niche & meta data
  • Blog will be uploaded into your WordPress site and published once client approved
  • Internal links in the blog (linked to other blogs or existing site content) where/if possible
  • 1 – 2 stock images included
  • Each blog will be proofread prior to handing over
  • 1 x revision / edit of the blog prior to client approval

400 – 600 words: $200

600 – 1200 words: $250

Blog writing bundles…

Please contact me if you’re interested in ongoing regular blogs i.e Fortnightly or Monthly. I can create a package suited to your needs with the option of payment installments or an automated payment schedule.

Why do I need updated content and blogs?

Content writing and blog writing are two areas that can be overlooked on a website, but good content and blogs are two of the most important assets your website can have. If you are looking to move up the Google rankings and target organic traffic, then you need regularly updated content and fresh information to keep visitors coming back and your site relevant. Targeted and regularly updated content plays an important part in building your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) rankings so you can start your journey up the chain.

Blogs are the gift that keep on giving!

Blogs are an evergreen content or evergreen marketing meaning they can be reused and recycled many times throughout your business journey – making them an ongoing investment with only one payment!

Your blog posts can be reshared on social media time and again because your audience is forever changing and growing, so there will always be new people who haven’t seen your content. Your blog posts will always be on your site until you remove them.

Blog posts can also be edited at any time, so if the content changes slightly or you need to update a portion of the blog, it can easily be done – making it even more relevant.

Blog topics I am experienced in

Blogs topics I specialise in:

  • Baby, toddler, kids – anything geared around this topic. Being a Mum I can relate to most!
  • Property – I was a property manager in my “previous life” pre-kids.
  • Business and Mums in Business – being a small business owner I have generated a lot of content on this topic from my own experiences as well as learning from others.
  • Working from home – I am a work at home Mum so I can fully relate to this topic and it’s challenges.
Why me?
  • I love to write and I write as I speak which makes for easy reading and good blog Flesh Scores.
  • I research every topic so you can be sure the information you are sharing is actually true!
  • I can write to your topics or select a relevant topic for you suited to your business niche.
  • I have been writing blogs for over 4 years and have honestly lost count of how many I have written. 
  • Blogs are evergreen, meaning they are on your site forever, regularly generating new leads and website visits. Blogs can be shared infinitely over social media and they can even be re-purposed to keep them relevant and up to date. They are truly the marketing gift that keeps on giving.
  • I write as if you have written it yourself. I work hard to speak as though the blog has come from you. After all, it’s your blog and should reflect you and your business.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss your business niche or blog focus. If you are wondering why blogs are so important, jump across to my blog on the topic here.

What do you mean by 'ghost-writer'?

Ghost-writer is a term used to reference an article that is written anonymously by the writer. Basically the blog is written by one person and “authored” by another, usually the business owner so it appears they have written the blog themselves.