I remember back when I first started out in online business that, whilst I had a blog, I never really put much effort into it. My business was an eCommerce store selling baby and toddler shoes and accessories. The products being super cute started to sell themselves after a while (thankfully), but it was a tough gig!

Since I have sold that business and changed paths, I realise that I didn’t use my blog to it’s full potential. I mainly used it to promote a new product or advertise a sale. It didn’t really earn me much traction and I only updated it every few months. I lost out on building a blog platform that could generate leads and help Mums out. My best rating blog was one I wrote about a Chocolate Mud Cake recipe I made! Not overly baby related, but unexpectedly it seemed to work!

I guess that is the thing with blogs. You don’t have to write about your business or even your business niche, you just have to write about what interests your target audience. My audience was new Mums and lets face it, a quick and easy mud cake recipe that works was a hit. I wrote it to solve a problem that I had at the time, left over cream!

Almost four years down the track and knowing what I know now, I realise this was an opportunity missed. I didn’t take that platform and run with it. Now being on the other side of the fence in the business services realm, I understand the benefits of blogging for your business.

A good blog has increased benefits for you business other than just selling a space.

A blog is an evergreen content that sits on your site forever. Years down the track someone will be googling your keyword and your blog could pop up in their search. They click on it and bam, you have a visitor to your site from the future. A good blog is powerful and a genuine way to interact and engage with your audience. Used properly, your audience can get to know you through your blog.

Your blog is a great tool for driving traffic to your website. People love to read stories or learn how to do something new. In a fast paced world, no one has time to research information themselves. By putting what they need to know if front of them, they will click, read, learn and hopefully have a look around your site while they are there.

The use of how-to-guides is a great way to drive traffic. As I said before, people love to learn and love to know how they can achieve a particular result. Use your blog as a way to share your knowledge and tap into an audience of people who need to know what you know.

Social media is also a great place to share your blog. Being a URL on your website, you can easily share your link and reach more people than your website organically would. Blogs can also be used as great lead magnets to your site and can work well as adverts on Facebook if they are targeted properly.

Share your point of view via your blog. A lot of people use their blog as a way of diarising their life or sharing a point of view. Bloggers have made successful businesses through their blogs and sharing their daily happenings. The more raw and heartfelt the piece, the better it seems to do. Especially in the Mum market.

My writing style is very much as I speak. I write as ideas or sentences come into my mind. You may have noticed that my blogs read as if I am talking to you in a general conversation. That is exactly how I talk. My personality, or that of the person I am writing for, comes through in each piece. I think a blog is a great way to let people get to know you in a virtual world.

Lastly, your blog can be a great way to subconsciously generate leads. Exhibit A is right here! 😉

Or you can use the excess space for advertising once you are getting more hits to your posts. People have been very successful in monetising their blogs and blog space through advertising and even affiliate links. More to come on that one!

Now, you may be wondering why this is only my second official blog on my own website and that is an excellent point! I do have about 10 sitting in drafts though! But luckily, I have been targeting my own energy into helping others with their blogs and websites and loving it. With a young son, husband, house to run and all the other things we as Mums do, there just wasn’t enough hours in the day. I am sitting here at 11:15am writing this while my son is sitting next to me watching an episode (or 5) of Peppa Pig. #mumlife #valife

Your blog is a powerful tool and if you have the time to put into it then it will become an asset to your business. The benefits of blogging for your business are there and waiting for you to make your mark.

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