Why Sliders On Your Homepage Are Costing You Conversions

why sliders bad for seo and website performance

Website sliders, or carousels as they’re also known, were once popular in website design because of the simple fact you could fit more into the space. A lot of theme developers also use sliders in their premade theme designs, so the temptation is really there to use them in your own designs. I think the theory was the more features you could showcase the better and anything moving on a site always looks more impressive. But, it could also be because they all have developer licences for Slider Revolution so need to get the most out of their subscriptions! πŸ˜‰

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Just like your car, websites need maintenance too!

the importance of website maintenance

Website maintenance is something that can easily be put on the backburner – or worse – the too hard basket. While our sites are working and ticking along, it’s tempting to just let it be and not upset the apple cart.

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Is Your Website User Friendly?

what does a virtual assistant do

Have you ever looked at your website from the eyes of a customer or client?

Would your customer be able to easily find shipping costs?

Are your prices and packages easy to find?

Does your homepage tell your site visitor exactly what you do in the first few lines?

All these things fall into the little category of user experience – or UX in design terms.

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How Switching To Dubsado Has Helped My Business

why i chose dubsado for my business

As a sole trader it can be hard to wear all the hats and do all the things. Of course, I could outsource and that is something I will need to look at in the near future. But at the moment, I just needed to find a way to deliver a better service and organise my time.

I went hunting down the rabbit hole of CRM’s, Management Tools and other tools of the trade that people use. But to be honest, I got a bit overwhelmed.

There are so many platforms out there!

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Now Is The Time To COVID-19 Proof Your Website


Whoever said one person can’t change the world never ate an under-cooked bat!

Our actions and inaction’s carve out the path of our lives. Some actions are good while some, fair to say, are not so good. Eating wildlife is probably not so good.

Jokes aside, the situation we find ourselves in is no laughing matter. Businesses are struggling, people are scared and kids are wondering why on earth they can’t play with their friends.

Welcome to the Coronavirus era.

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How NOT To Effectively Edit and Proofread Your Email Marketing Campaigns

effectively edit and proofread your email marketing campaigns

Even though I’ve sent countless email campaigns over my business journey, I still get a nervous ball of anxiety in my stomach before I press send.

I can write a blog and press publish in a heart beat without battering an eye lid. I can flick the switch to make a website go live and walk away with satisfaction. But send an email, there is just something that gets me every time.Continue Reading β†’