Additional Business Services

A kick-ass website isn't the only thing that keeps a business moving forward. There are many moving parts that all work in sync to create that well oiled machine that will zoom you up the business highway.

All these "little" extras take time, time you may not have. That's where you say "all yours Belinda", I'm going to make a coffee and work ON my business rather than IN it!

Newsletter / Email Marketing Campaign

Monthly, fortnightly or weekly newsletter and email marketing campaigns created in your marketing account (Mailchimp) and sent to your mailing list. All you need to do is send me the content and I'll do the rest.

1:1 Online WordPress Training Via Skype

Having your website designed for you is bliss, but how do you manage it after hand over? My one on one WordPress training will walk you through your site and show you how to make edits and updates. Fully recorded so you can watch it back anytime.

WordPress Site Speed Up & Clean Up

A website isn't a set and forget set up. It requires maintenance and servicing just like a car. A routine speed up service will ensure your site is fast for Google and the files are clean and organised under the hood.

Sales Funnels & Email Automations

Set up in either your Mailchimp or Active Campaign account, we will create a sales funnel or email automations to help streamline your business. All you need to do is provide your email spiels.